Credit Accounts

For when you need the products now but have to pay later...

We’re delighted to discuss a Credit Account with you.

Please click here to download our  Credit Account Request Form

We run our Credit Check system as soon as we receive your form and a human being gets back to you urgently with your Account Exposure, so we won’t be holding up the quote process for you.

So that we can always pass on the best prices to you, we always ask you to consider us in your payment schedule – we’re the manufacturers and this means that we have a team of very hard working people actually making your products, we know you wouldn’t ask them to work for nothing – so please help to keep us all afloat by being considerate with your agreed payment schedule.

Business is STILL all about understanding each other’s needs……let’s talk and see what we can do to make it happen.

Here are some ideas for you to discuss with us:

  • Extended Credit Terms – 30 days, 60 days, even 120 days – let’s talk about your needs
  • Direct Debit Payments – monthly payments might help your cash flow
  • Payments with the Order – BAC’s or cards-over-the-phone as you place your order
  • Commit and Call Off – We’ve got the storage space; so let’s talk.
  • Higher Spends – we’re delighted to work with you, whatever your order size, but must admit we love it when you buy more keeping our Team busy – so there’s always a reward for your commitment.
  • Your best idea…..flirt it over and we’ll look at it –we never say never!